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Systems and Structures in Today’s Discussions of Racism and Sexism

“[T]hat suggests a larger, structural barrier to women’s career advancement.  ‘It’s systemic,’ Goldin told me.”  That passage is from Nicholas Kristof’s opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times, entitled (in the print version at least) Vets, Pharmacists and Happy Working … Continue reading

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Meanings: Cynicism

“Everybody is cynical and few people are changing their minds. That’s the takeaway from the House’s impeachment hearings.”  That’s the opening sentence in a piece by Maggie Koerth on Five Thirty-Eight this morning. But what is a “cynic,” and what does … Continue reading

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Meanings “Cob”

There is perhaps no monosyllable in any language that has so many distinct meanings as cob. It may be thought curious to enumerate them. As a VERB, it signifies, 1, to strike; 2, to pull the ear or hair; 3, … Continue reading

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Meanings: Glamour

February 16, 2019 The word “glamour” passed before me this morning, someone mentioned the word, and I found myself wondering about its origin.  I could scarcely think of another English language word with the same spelling pattern.  Here’s the etymology: … Continue reading

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In a battle over basic norms, the press cannot be neutral

February 2, 2018 As we await the release of the Devin Nunes memo, my attention was drawn back to a piece Dave Roberts wrote on Vox back in May, 2017, titled “Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology.”  Very … Continue reading

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