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A Wrecking Ball President

By the votes we cast and by the votes we didn’t cast, the citizens of the United States elected Donald J. Trump to the presidency.  He is now installed in the wheelhouse of the most powerful office in the world.  Many things … Continue reading

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Trump v. Republican Congress (1)

We’re in the mutual accommodation phase of the relationship between Donald Trump and the Republican majorities in the two houses of Congress.  The House Republicans have just finished a retreat at which Trump appeared, and the party’s Congressional leaders are … Continue reading

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Erosion of Democracy Warning Signs

As I read this morning that Donald Trump has announced he plans an investigation of massive voter fraud — when the real threat is widespread and systematic denial of voting rights — I am drawn to thinking about our need … Continue reading

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Worries and Dissents 17.1.23

From time to time I want to link to intelligent worries I come across, and also to interesting dissents from the way I see things. Worries In The Atlantic, Julia Ioffe worries about the limits of protests.  “Talking to the … Continue reading

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On the Mall in Brunswick

With Ellen and Robbie and friends, I joined the throng gathered on the town mall in Brunswick today to signal our opposition to the Trump presidency and the agenda of the Republican majority in Congress.  There were plenty of positive … Continue reading

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