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No Rights Violated on Mulberry Street

[Update below] Yesterday I started to write an e-mail, rewrote it a time or two, and finally sent it to the trash — I decided not to send it. I thought better of the message. Did I ‘cancel’ myself? ‘Censor … Continue reading

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Go Open Access!

May 24, 2012 In February, I called attention to an open letter from the Provosts of the Big Ten (well, eleven) universities calling for open (that is to say, free) access to all published research that is supported by federal … Continue reading

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Open Access

February 24, 2012 The provosts (chief academic officers) of the institutions that comprise the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (AKA the Big 10) have written a fine letter in support of open access to federally-funded research and scholarship.  The gist of … Continue reading

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Our Far-Flung Alumni: Peter Suber ’73

April 9, 2011 We’ve learned that Peter Suber, class of 1973, has been named by the American Library Association as the recipient of the L. Ray Patterson Copyright Award.  From 1982 to 2003, Peter taught Philosophy (and a great deal … Continue reading

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Six Reasons Google Books Failed

March 28, 2011 Robert Darnton (the Harvard Librarian) provides an excellent account of why the Google Books initiative appears to have failed in an article released today by the New York Review of Books.  

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