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Trump’s End Game

I haven’t written anything for quite a long stretch about our national crisis. To my mind, there hasn’t been much to say. Trump continues to show daily why he is completely unfit to be President. He does terrible things, and … Continue reading

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Why Brett Kavanaugh Should Not Be Confirmed

I am inclined to believe Christine Blasey Ford’s account and I have serious doubts about Brett Kavanaugh’s denial of what took place between them in 1982. The two accounts are in stark opposition to one another, but, for me, there … Continue reading

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Pompeo and Haspel – Deeper Into Madness

April 30, 2018 I have a column in today’s Brunswick Times Record.  It was sparked by Angus King’s “Aye” on the close vote that confirmed Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.   Deeper Into Madness Guest Column      2018-04-30 / Opinion … Continue reading

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Susan Collins’s Ever-So Pleasant World

I had a column in yesterday’s Brunswick Times Record about the (to me) strange silence of our Senior Senator while our republic continues its plunge into constitutional crisis.   Here’s the text: I wish I lived in Susan Collins’s world. It’s … Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible for the Shutdown?

January 20, 2018 The question dominating the media just now is ‘who is responsible for the shutdown of the federal government?’ Is this a #ShumerShutdown or a #TrumpShutdown?  For me it’s the not the most important or interesting question, but … Continue reading

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Four Things I Admire About Dr. King

On this day of remembrance for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I want to lift up four things I admire about him. He was hopeful.  His message was consistently optimistic.  He had goals and he believed we could achieve them.  … Continue reading

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A Demagogic Leadership Style

January 8, 2017 From a post by Bob Bauer, on the Lawfare Blog.  An astonishing but straightforward statement about the current president of the United States. Trump displays a demagogic leadership style characterized by the pathological personalization of his office. Of primary … Continue reading

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