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What Do We Need to Know First?

November 30, 2010 “I had a long, good conversation with my advisor about thinking about graduate school. I now know there’s much more I need to be thinking about. There’s so much I wish I knew earlier, but a lot … Continue reading

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What Are Our Goals?

November 29, 2010 Robert Sternberg, Provost at Oklahoma State, has a winning piece in today’s Inside Higher Education entitled “Defining a Great University.”  He contrasts the goals of elite private universities with land grant institutions, but he raises many great … Continue reading

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Focus on Learning: What We Don’t Know

November 26, 2010 The American Prospect this week has a feature on “what we don’t know” in terms of public policy.  The series is called “What we don’t know can hurt us.” The focus is on what data is not … Continue reading

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The Health of the Humanities, Continued

November 23, 2010 In today’s Inside Higher Education, Kirstin Wilcox (a senior lecturer in English at the Univerity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) writes about the “huge disconnect” between how those in the Humanities see themselves and how others see them — … Continue reading

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Reputations Rule in Higher Education Market Competition

November 22, 2010 That’s the view of Robert Martin, emeritus professor of economics at Centre College in an opinion piece in Inside Higher Education.  The piece is a teaser for a book he’s about to publish, The College Cost Disease: … Continue reading

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