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Meanings: “Nuance”

May 26, 2012 When I was in college and graduate school, I don’t ever remember the word “nuance” being used, even in very rarified and theoretical discussions.  In the last decade or two, I hear it everywhere in scholarly discussions … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Future

May 25, 2012 Tyler Burkley Ryan is coming to Earlham next fall. He’s one of 51 members of the first graduating class of Soulsville Charter School in Memphis, TN.  Every one of those 51 is going to college somewhere. “Wow, … Continue reading

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Go Open Access!

May 24, 2012 In February, I called attention to an open letter from the Provosts of the Big Ten (well, eleven) universities calling for open (that is to say, free) access to all published research that is supported by federal … Continue reading

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Succeeding in College: the Work of Douglas Heath

May 22, 2012 The new book by Dan Chambliss and Christopher Takacs, How College Works, (I recently blogged about it here), put me in mind of work done a few decades ago by Haverford College psychologist Douglas Heath. Heath, too, … Continue reading

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Succeeding in College: the Problem of Motivation (3)

May 22, 2012 The Hechinger Report this week has an interesting interview with Dan Chambliss, a professor at Hamilton College who, with Christopher Takacs of the University of Chicago has written a book entitled How College Works. Chambliss and Takacs … Continue reading

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