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Meanings: Nous

January 30, 2018 In a review of Martin Amis’s new collection of essays, The Rub of Time, Dwight Garner quotes Amis on the era of Donald Trump:  “There’s nothing there. No shame, no honor, no conscience, no knowledge, no curiosity, … Continue reading

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Atlas of Redistricting

January 25, 2018 Here’s a marvelous resource from An Atlas of Redistricting.  (This is part of their Gerrymandering Project.)  It starts with the premise that gerrymandering is bad, but recognizes that drawing ‘fair’ or ‘reasonable’ electoral districts isn’t as … Continue reading

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End the Filibuster?

January 23, 2018 Donald Trump is calling for an end to the filibuster in the Senate.  His argument appears to be that it does not respect majority rule.  here’s the tweet. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump FollowFollow @realDonaldTrump If Senate Republicans don’t … Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible for the Shutdown?

January 20, 2018 The question dominating the media just now is ‘who is responsible for the shutdown of the federal government?’ Is this a #ShumerShutdown or a #TrumpShutdown?  For me it’s the not the most important or interesting question, but … Continue reading

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How Do We Gauge Human Potential?

January 17, 2018 We know Donald Trump is a racist. The ‘shithole’/’shithouse’ controversy adds nothing to what we have known for some time, and has become a distraction from efforts to provide legal status for DACA/Dreamers. Skillfully or chaotically (we’ll … Continue reading

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Four Things I Admire About Dr. King

On this day of remembrance for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I want to lift up four things I admire about him. He was hopeful.  His message was consistently optimistic.  He had goals and he believed we could achieve them.  … Continue reading

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Voter Suppression in the United States

January 10, 2018 President Trump has dissolved his Voter Fraud Commission.  Usefully, Steve Almond of Cognoscenti makes this call:  It’s Time For Democrats To Investigate Voter Suppression.  He’s right.  too few Americans have a real opportunity to vote.  And that … Continue reading

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