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Protests Over Commencement Speakers

May 14, 2014 Christine Lagarde (IMF Chief) has withdrawn as Smith’s commencement speaker, Condoleeza Rice (W’s Secretary of State) has withdrawn as Rutgers’s speaker, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (women’s rights activist and critic of Islam) had her invitation to speak … Continue reading

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The Heart and Soul of a School

October 28, 2103 From the final report of visiting committee to Germantown Friends School with regard to its re-accreditation by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools: The classroom is the heart and soul of Germantown Friends School, a place where … Continue reading

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Governance of Nonprofit Colleges and Universities

April 14, 2013 In Friday’s New York Times, health economist Uwe Reinhardt writes a column about “The Governance of Nonprofit Hospitals.” He comments on the recent, much discussed, article by Steven Brill in Time magazine entitled “Bitter Pill: Why Medical … Continue reading

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Annals of Transparency: Big Ten Edition

March 25, 2013 Or perhaps we could call this “Does Sports Build Character: Honesty Edition”? Here’s a fascinating piece reprinted in its entirety from Inside Higher Ed this morning: U. of Maryland Didn’t Keep Copy of Big 10 Contract March … Continue reading

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End Intercollegiate Athletics As We Know It: Hot Air Edition

October 10, 2012 By and large I admire The Association of Governing Boards (AGB), the higher education association that informs and supports members of the boards of trustees of colleges and universities.  AGB has good publications (including their magazine, Trusteeship) … Continue reading

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UVa: the Unfolding Financial Crisis of Higher Education, Part n+1

June 29, 2012 Like many in higher education, I’ve been following the crisis at the University of Virginia, the surprise firing and subsequent rehiring of Teresa Sullivan, UVa’s president.  For the life of me, I have a hard time understanding … Continue reading

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What Presidents Should Tell Boards

January 19, 2012 Why was Graham Spanier fired as President of Penn State University?  I argued earlier that he was principally fired because the Penn State Trustees reached the judgment that Spanier could no longer provide effective leadership for the … Continue reading

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