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Meanings: “Gist”

April 14, 2016 On River View Friend I recently posted something I titled The Gist of Quakerism.  The word “gist” came quickly to mind as the word I wanted to comment on Chuck Fager’s two paragraph summary of Quakerism, but … Continue reading

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Ice Cream and Education

April 8, 2016 The good folks at the Economist have come up with a suggestion about how to boost scores of American students on standardized tests: eat more ice cream.  They notice this pattern in scores on the international PISA … Continue reading

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Where Is Academic Freedom Most Secure

April 7, 2016 I was stunned recently when I read that Sara Goldrick-Rab, a “prominent researcher on low-income students and public policy,” would be leaving one university to accept an appointment at another university out of concerns for academic freedom. … Continue reading

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Annals of Leadership: Jose Mourinho

December 18, 2015 “I feel my work was betrayed,” he said. “Last season I did an amazing job and I brought players to a level that is not their level.”  That’s what Jose Mourinho, Manager of the English Premier League … Continue reading

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Meanings: Automation

January 21, 2014 XKCD hits the nail on the head (is that a metaphor slated to die soon?) about “automation” this week: It made me wonder how long we have been using the term “automation” — how long we have … Continue reading

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Meanings: “Public”

May 8, 2013 “Public” means of “of or pertaining to the people,” and its etymology is straightforward from a Latin term meaning the same thing. From public (adj.) mid-15c., “pertaining to the people,” from Old French public (c.1300), from … Continue reading

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Meanings: “Entitlement”

October 7, 2012 On Language Log, Mark Liberman has a terrific post about how uses of the word “entitlement” have shifted from being predominantly positive to predominantly negative. He says, “The earliest cluster of uses of entitlement meaning ‘(rightful) claim’ … Continue reading

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