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Bravo Dan!

October 31, 2011 Let’s open the  envelope now for the best essay on higher education published in 2011.  The award goes to Dan Sullivan, President Emeritus of St. Lawrence University for Worried, I’m Terrified, published today in Inside Higher Ed.  … Continue reading

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Benefits of a Broad Education

October 28, 2011 A new, multi-country research paper provides additional evidence for the value of a broad/general education as opposed to a focused vocational education.  A vocational education may provide for a smoother transition into the workforce for a first … Continue reading

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Net Price: Transparency Isn’t the Main Problem

October 27, 2011 Head Count, the Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog on admissions and enrollment matters, has a guest post this morning from Marvin Smith, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid at Purdue University.  In “How Calculators Can Help Counselors … Continue reading

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We Give Merit Aid, You Discount

October 26, 2011 I give merit aid, you discount, and we are all in the midst of dramatic re-pricing.  Last week, Inside Higher Ed ran a good piece about “The Rapid Rise of Merit Aid” based on a report from … Continue reading

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Rankings: Confusing Impressions Indeed

October 25, 2011 Well-informed people offer thoughtful advice; U.S. News and World Report thumbs its nose at them.  That’s the story today and it has been the story over the past two decades regarding USN&WR’s college rankings. The thoughtful advice … Continue reading

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