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Do Sports Build Character — Heisman Trophy Edition

December 6, 2013 “I think they handled it tremendous,” Fisher said of the team’s reaction to the Winston investigation. “I think it’s because they believe in each other. They trust in each other. They believe in what we’re doing here. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Racial Incidents

March 5, 2013    Update below (3/9) Oberlin College is dealing with a run of racial incidents by person or persons unknown. On Monday this week, college officials cancelled classes after a person was spotted wearing KKK-style robes near its African … Continue reading

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Meanings: “Libel” and “Liable”

August 20, 2012 “Much of the staff of the University of Georgia’s student newspaper, including the top editors, resigned Wednesday, claiming interference, even censorship, by the nonstudent managers hired to oversee it.” That’s the opening paragraph of a New York … Continue reading

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Do We Choose Diversity?

January 17, 2012 Do we want friends with a diverse array of backgrounds and beliefs? Or do we want to choose as friends those who are most like ourselves? We say we want diversity, but our behavior shows otherwise.  Or … Continue reading

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Students Who Pose a Risk to Themselves

December 7, 2011 Suppose a student makes a suicide attempt.  Suppose s/he just talks frequently of committing suicide.  What should a college do?  Of course do all you can to assure the safety of the student, especially encourage — perhaps … Continue reading

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