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Graham Spanier’s Responsibility

July 24, 2014 This week’s New York Times Magazine has a profile of Graham Spanier, the former president of Penn State who was dismissed or fired (there are opposing claims about which) as a consequence of the revelations that Jerry … Continue reading

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Constraints on Leadership: Missions, Roles and Values

April 3, 2014 “We must not suppose that those in authority are unaware …, but we must recognize that their liberty of action is often circumscribed by the nature of their office: the powerful are not necessarily free.” That quotation … Continue reading

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Our Far-Flung Alumni: Bob Mantock

March 27, 2013 Bob (Robert M.) Mantock passed from this life the day before yesterday. He was not a graduate of Earlham, but he made himself a valuable member of the Earlham community through service as a member of the … Continue reading

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Annals of Transparency: Big Ten Edition

March 25, 2013 Or perhaps we could call this “Does Sports Build Character: Honesty Edition”? Here’s a fascinating piece reprinted in its entirety from Inside Higher Ed this morning: U. of Maryland Didn’t Keep Copy of Big 10 Contract March … Continue reading

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Dealing with Racial Incidents

March 5, 2013    Update below (3/9) Oberlin College is dealing with a run of racial incidents by person or persons unknown. On Monday this week, college officials cancelled classes after a person was spotted wearing KKK-style robes near its African … Continue reading

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Do Sports Build Character: High School Edition

February 27, 2013 Sometimes sports reveal and display character.

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In the Crosshairs or On the Mark?

February 15, 2013 This morning’s Inside Higher Ed has a piece on the heat being put on some college and universities presidents for failing to sign a letter to President Obama in support of stronger gun control legislation. The initiative … Continue reading

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